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Are you in search of real online typing jobs from home, but can't tell the real opportunities from the scams? You're not alone. With the thousands of online scams, it's really hard to decide what may be a viable option for you. Here is some information about typing and data entry jobs, and some options you may want to consider.
First of all, if you come across a site that wants your money but has no way to contact the company or doesn't offer a money back guarantee, run the other way. A reliable company that offers genuine online typing jobs will have contact information and an iron clad guarantee.
Typing jobs from home can include many different options. Freelance writing is one method of making money online by doing typing or data entry work. You can make money simply by typing articles and other content for webmasters who don't want to do it themselves. They would rather pay you, and the pay is usually very lucrative.
Other methods of online typing jobs you may like are online surveys. These are so easy to do, and you can actually make $25 per hour and more by simply giving your opinion. While this kind of data entry work is redundant to me, many people enjoy doing something so simple that can add extra money to their income.
What you are probably looking for is actual typing jobs from home, where you make money typing for an employer. Though these types of positions are more difficult to find, there are a few sites where you can pay a small membership fee for access to a huge database of companies who need employees to do typing and data entry work for them.
Online ad placement is another way to make money by typing online. You place ads for big companies, and when someone makes a purchase from an ad you placed, you get paid a large commission. This is one of the most popular typing jobs online, and many people make thousands per month doing ad placement. - Money Making Online - Jobs Available